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RPM invents a new standard in tread design, combining optimum flight-weight features with smooth, sophisticated dress looks.

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Genesis flags are the best of both print and metallic.

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Drillmasters Marching Band Shoes

Effortlessly teach any level student to march “corps style.” Instantly! Automatically guides the stride into a liquid-smooth “roll-step.”
Genesis 6200
Genesis 8203
Genesis 1202
Genesis 1200
Genesis 7200
Genesis 7203
Genesis 1201
Genesis 6202
Genesis 5201
Genesis 5206
Genesis 4200
Genesis 5202
Genesis 8202
Genesis 5205
Genesis 6204
Genesis 3201

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Drillmasters Marching Band Shoe
Nancy Boot
Genesis 7006
Long Wristed Sure Grip Glove

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Marching Band And Color Guard Experts

The Bandmans Company in Illinois has been supplying marching band programs with their band equipment, band uniforms, guard costumes, and accessories for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of band equipment experts have been providing high quality band equipment for over 40 years.